JAMES DOMESTIC – ‘Mañana’ (streaming) Kibou Records

procrastinating JD

He’s back, and with a highly dubious lyrical conceit. Mañana? Such is the prodigious work ethic of JAMES DOMESTIC, one imagines the only time he procrastinates is when he’s asleep.

Nevertheless, he treats us to a lazily-paced 4 minute garage-pop song about just that. A slice-of-life borrowing from later-period MADNESS, where cheeky playfulness is imbued with jaded introspection. By the end, James’ irritation at his apparent idling – despite earlier promising that he will ‘smash through that list, ‘cos it’s been taking the piss‘ – sees him sounding like a frustrated dalek.

JD has an unquestionably effective vocal style, a salt-of-the-earth BAXTER DURY (who, in turn, is heavily indebted to his father Ian) with clear enunciation, heavy on the accent. The addition of wonky carnival saxophone – courtesy of PI$$ER‘s Eddie O’Toole – and Clare Gillett’s soulful vocal, add much to this catchy slice of pop eccentricity. The bio mentions all kinds of luminaries, but MADNESS and JONA LEWIE definitely hold strong for Mañana.

The vinyl version of the album, Carrion Repeating, becomes available for pre-order on 14th January 2022 and, on the strength of the teased tracks so far – reviewed here and here, promises to be eclecticism personified. Here’s the links.




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