JAMES DOMESTIC – ‘Push On Through’ streaming (Kibou/TNS/Amok)

driving mr. domestic

JAMES DOMESTIC’s forthcoming Carrion Repeating album looks set to be a varied beast if the first two tracks teased are any indication. Where Faze Out was a short, greboid blast of frustration, Push On Through is a whole different kettle o’ fish.

A simple, steady drum beat, deep bass and stabs of repetitive keys take us on a long drive through the night. James’ droll, weary voice describes the monotony: endless roads, bad coffee, terrible food and the observing of other lost souls going about their mundane, darkly curious lives – a world where “hedgehogs burst like party balloons“. The spoken verses are broken up by the languorous, soothing vocal of Clare Gillett on the chorus, the overall effect curiously hypnotic. As the journey unfolds and the sleep deprivation bites, lethal points of razor-edged guitar, manipulated dub-style, arrive to jolt us out of our trance.

Not unlike Baxter Dury‘s dry intonations set to sparse musical backdrops, at six minutes long, Push On Through impressively swerves overstaying it’s welcome. Repetitive it may be but there are enough tweaks and treats to hold your interest. Grab another coffee, Domestic!

Released November 19th 2021 for streaming. Available here

2 thoughts on “JAMES DOMESTIC – ‘Push On Through’ streaming (Kibou/TNS/Amok)

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